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Service Is The Vocation of Queens, HRH The Dutchess of Cambridge, Addiction and RumRadio

BuckinghamPalacePress Office                                              2/3/2012
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
United Kingdom

Dear Mrs. Princess (Your Royal Highness)

Kate Middleton

I was taken with great interest your effort in the addiction community especially with the youth. I have in my small way have the same interest and have put together an addiction recovery website that you might find helpful in your efforts and help increase your understanding of this devastating disease and its far reaching consequences. We are in 130+foreign countries including Mississippi, 2,042 towns and cities with 121,000 hits to date on the site, generally from word of mouth.  I use a whit of wit, humor deep spiritual concepts for the understanding of children. There is absolutely no money being made and we adhere to the A.A. Eleventh Tradition of anonymity. The credit for this work goes to God and the fellowship. Please take a look; I think you will be impressed and enlightened by the information contained there in, as well as being entertained. I would ask you to use it, and then to please pass it on.

Your servant

See you on the radio

 Joseph Ganci Jr.


If you refuse to know you refuse to grow and remain a night with no light and a Royal pain in the Butt.

see you on the radio






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