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Should I offer to sponsor someone? With whom can I discuss my sponsee’s problems?

Should I offer to sponsor someone?

 find a prospect, and start working on him: The Big Book, 3rd Edition, William G. Wilson, page 89.

True offering involves both thanksgiving and a leap of faith

The primary purpose of a sponsor is to help you digest the Steps so that we can put down the control of the world and get a little rest. Working the Steps is the key to your sponsee’s door of recovery and the thanksgiving table laden within the promises of a happy, joyous and free life.

The Jumping frog of Calaveras County overcomes buck shot in the rump and takes a leap of faith

Absolutely, sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone. When a newcomer gets their beginners chip it is time to strike when the iron is hot and before they settle into cool complacency.  Some would disagree that it’s attraction not promotion. The tradition states In PUBLIC press radio and films.  In the rooms of recovery we promote, we promote the Steps and a solution to the disease of mind body and spirit.

If you did not share in the meeting how would they know you would be a good sponsor, by sense of smell? There are situations when a connection is made, a spiritual connection that just seems to come together and it works, and it works well, such connections are not to be discounted.

The pioneers went out to the hospital and to skid row searching for prospects, they were promoting a new design for living, they knew in order to keep it they had to give it away.

When a newcomer’s walk through the doors of recovery they present a golden opportunity to gain immunity from alcohol and addiction, while invigorating your own program, to be  of maximum service to God and our fellow beings.

In general termssales professionals need to know a set of discrete data in order to determine whether or not the “prospect” will become qualified.

Once you have asked the prospect if they have had enough? and are they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve sobriety?, I  then tell them that they can get well from this disease of mind body and spirit, but there are certain things they have to do, and the first thing they have to do is to answer Clancy’s seven questions, and I need it done and back by tomorrow. You will receive them back or you won’t, if you don’t, move on, they are not ready or not ready for you.

If you do get it back they have taken simple instruction and they are into action. A discussion of mutual expectations can be engaged in at this time and the agreement of temporary sponsor status can also be discussed at this time. This offer can be a great blessing for newcomers who haven’t mustered enough courage to ask someone to sponsor them and have started to languish in the rooms counting only on the meetings to stay sober and not on working the Steps with a sponsor to achieve long term recovery.

With whom can I discuss my sponsees problems?










 Sorry to say “it’s like talking to a wall”

If you can’t get people to listen to you any other way, tell them it’s confidential

Only with his or her grand sponsor (i.e., with your sponsor) Even then it’s suggested to get your sponsee’s permission. The confidentiality that you must maintain between you and your sponsee prohibits you from talking about your sponsees problem with anyone else inside or outside the program. The only exception would be if your sponsee is in a life threatening situation i.e. threats of suicide, homicide and especially sponsorcide


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