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How far is too far? “The Eleventh Tradition”

The best revenge is by having a happy and successful life. How attractive is that?

We come into the room’s beaten and broken people and sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly things change, as long as we can be honest, take suggestion (clean House) and trust in God. We insist on having fun, the party always find its way to the laughter and to the merriment. The Tradition says

Tradition 11: Our PUBLIC  relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.( Al-Anon Addition: We need guard with special care the anonymity of all A.A. members).

We do promote In A.A in public ; we do promote in side the rooms of recovery  we promote spaghetti diners, new groups, speaker meetings conferences, the Grape Vine etc. Did Bill W promote a better way to stay sober to Dr Bob? Did the pioneers go to skid row and to the hospitals promoting sobriety and recovery? I am afraid Bill did not wait for Bob to find him. The pioneers went out and got the new man. The pioneers became sponsors by necessity not by attraction, we stay by attraction. When I am ready for another sponsee I go up to the new man and ask have you had enough? yes or no Are you willing to go to any length to achieve sobriety?  Yes or no, with the two affirmatives I then tell them they can get well from this disease of mind, body and spirit but there are certain things they have to do I give then Clancy’s 7 questions and tell them I need it back tomorrow, I expect their call . Some may disagree with this approach and believe its attraction and not promotion, Good thing Bill did not wait to be found. We put together a sponsorship website it’s humorous and its program .and I am promoting it. As there is no money is being made, I am anonymous on the site (public) the credit for this work goes to God and the fellowship.

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