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just ask
Some seek after signs of confirmation that there is a God, as there is no punishment for a mans belief, God is the ultimate gentlemen as this puts all men on equal ground, to believe or not for this is the agency of free will.

Choose you this day whom ye will serve;

Now its an evil and adulterous generation that seeks after signs, so the believers usually will refrain and the atheist has no one to ask, but the agnostic like Bill W asked if there was a God (if you not familiar with that story we have it in his own words on Step 12 on the website)

I have interviewed a few who in moments of desperation had asked the ultimate question and I was quite surprised at the different manifestations of an undeniable confirmation, the curious thing is that all maintained the skepticism of agnosticism. So if you remain in doubt just ask God what it is all about and be prepared not so much for the answer but what will you do thereafter.

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