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Happy Joyous and free

Happy, Joyous, and Free

The real end of prayer is to put human life into full and joyful conformity with the will of God.

We often use the terms happy and joy (joyous in anticipation) synonymously. Happy is a reaction to the immediate environment and circumstance, truly a flash in the pan, as it made me happy, I was happy to see you ,that  really make’s me happy. Consequently when things go a rye then that makes me unhappy, I was unhappy and disappointed by the outcome.  If things would only change so I can be happy.

Joy is a state of being, being joyful in all things and grateful in all circumstances knowing all things work for good when we do the next right thing

How easy it is to be happy when God’s will and my will agree, when he sees it my way. What happens when Gods will and my will clash. How often life on life’s terms seems more like a barren negotiation. When the time comes that being sober is uncomfortable and we become irritable and discontent and the prospect of happiness is a sold out event. The veil of tears has no end and try as you may you can’t find a friend. What’s killing you is making you stronger but your strength can’t carry you away.

How often did the things we wished for turned out to be bitter and broken  and the things that  we would recoiled from turned out to be just what the doctor ordered , We have learned that acceptance was the key and patience was the lock  that opened wide the door to never ending  joy.

We accept our place in the world knowing that we are no longer in charge and accept all that we are heir to from a loving and  all knowing God We do the next right thing ,do all that we can do ,and let go of the outcome absolutely. We learn to live in a grateful expectation and joy and its first cousin serenity is our reward. No great highs no great lows steady as she goes and we shall know peace.

I wish you Joy and if not Joy I wish you peace, and if not peace I wish you contentment and if not contentment I wish you acceptance and I wish you acceptance that you might know joy.

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