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The Cast Of Outer Darkness

Banned, Banished and Proclaimed Persona Non Grata. It was Late fall in Houston the time that ushers in the dry crisp and cool air The melatonin overdose frm the turkey bird feast was still at leftover mode. I had been warned from the governing board that the prolific dispensing of the recovery cards and […]

A Torch Pass Anniversary

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own. Ben Sweetland Bill Wilson, the self-described rum hound from New York, seemed like an answer to Ann Smith”s prayers. It was only six weeks ago, following that last drunken Mother’s Day scene, when Bill Wilson and her husband finally met. Fifteen minutes, […]

The Rule Of Thumb

Only young women have important things to say said Oscar Wilde, but of course that depends on the oldest man in the room. Women, and especially young women, have been, and always shall be, the bastions of society’s morality. Alas boys will be boys, evolving ever so slightly from clubbing the object of their affection […]

I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m, Late, I Missed the Boat, But Not The Bus

Early on when I was new, I knew there were certain things that I needed to do. My first sponsor Kenneth W. had made an appointment to meet with me at a six oclock pm meeting at the group we called home; it was time to take the next Step. A Character defect that sill […]

The One Thing That Comes First

Curly Do you know the secret to life Mitch no Curly it’s this, he extends his index finger and says “THIS” Mitch quips, Your finger?  Curley one thing, just one thing, you stick to that and everything else don’t mean *%&#@” flip. A.A. is a simple program for complicated people. The brilliant intellectual, the Mensa […]

How far is too far? “The Eleventh Tradition”

How far is too far?   “The Eleventh Tradition” The best revenge is by having a happy and successful life. How attractive is that? We come into the room’s beaten and broken people and sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly things change, as long as we can be honest, take suggestion (clean House) and trust in […]

From the fog that is gray to the cloud that is pink

From the fog that is gray to the cloud that is pink Piink elephants swirling all around like spun cotton candy until you hit the ground. The Pink cloud descends and knocks you off your feet, buoyed in a cocoon of complacency, inactivity and deceit. I fell off my pink cloud with a thud   […]

Renegades from recovery

Renegades from recovery Renegade Someone who rebels and becomes an outlaw Deserter, turncoat, recreant, apostate, and a ratter The soap box is the domain of the passionate zealot who is wholly convinced of his half baked and often times wholy insane crusade. There was once a time when they bought into the line right down […]

How soon can I sponsor somebody?

How soon can I sponsor somebody? And thirdly … the code is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules. Jack Sparrow A stone not set nor concrete fixed, the suggestion is the sooner the batter will rise when you get into the mix There are no rules about when you can sponsor somebody, and […]

There was an atheist who loved to fish…

The atheist say’s there is no God and lives like there is one,  the agnostic say’s there may be a God and lives like there isn’t There was an atheist who loved to fish… There was an atheist who loved to fish. He would travel the world to fish in exotic places. One late afternoon, […]

Recent Posts

  •         By Bob k “Jack Alexander, Saturday Evening Post, was also one of the friends to whom Bill sent material. Of the Twelve Tradition essays, Alexander has this to say: ‘The only serious (in my view) defect is that you have treated the old Washingtonian Society too briefly; most people never heard […]


  •   A.A. has quietly acknowledged, primarily through one publication, that the early A.A. pioneers in Akron believed firmly that the answer to all their problems was in the Good Book, as they called the Bible. A.A. co-founder Dr. Bob said that all the basic ideas were taken from their study of the Good Book. And […]


  • Some people don’t know me and they don’t like me, some people get to know me and then they don’t like me, its none of my business what you think of me because you think so little of me anyway, if not in stature surely in time Now you are free to be your authentic […]


  • Happy Birthday Recovered Its all about the upholstery, the old stuffing has been replaced with the cushion of grace and a new skin that is scotch guarded with the humility of faith while the utility of the strong back to service is firmly put in place, this instead of ending up on the junk heap […]


  •   THE FICKLE FINGER OF FATE   Happiness is way over rated as it is dependent on the immediate external circumstance. I.E. I am happy because I just won the lottery, I am happy because she said yes,  I am happy because I just had purchased a new car, and just as quickly I am […]


  •     Sisyphus was a Titan that was cursed by the gods to roll a boulder everyday up the side of a mountain and at night it would roll back down to the bottom and for him to repeat the task again and again for all eternity. When the gods came to gloat at his […]


  •     Sitting at the edge of the lap pool I was appraising my physique once athletic and toned as it had boasted of  strength and  the glory of youth now reduced to a state of age and over indulgence, as it reminded me of the body of the laughing Buddha, this insight struck me […]


  •     Alcohol and drugs are equal opportunity destroyers. The disease takes no heed to your particular flavor of addiction labeling it as such is the much greater affliction. The divisions started with Bill Wilson’s “singleness of porpoise” which I believe dose not hold any water, then or now creating the indignation of the drunken […]


  •   Often times in the addiction recovery arena it is claimed that they have been saved by grace. Consider that according to Google (a thousand years hence the anthropologists will have concluded that as a society they all communed with an all knowing god named Google) that there are 140,000,000 drunks in the world. Accordingly to the […]


  •     Sisyphus was a Titan that was cursed by the gods to roll a boulder everyday up the side of a mountain and at night it would roll back down to the bottom and for him to repeat the task again and again for all eternity. When the gods came to gloat at his […]


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Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower alcoholics anonymous sponsorship locally and internationally to be their very best --- both personally and spiritually.

I would like to acknowledge Hamilton B and his tireless work in the recovery community and his work "Twelve Step Sponsorship How it works" a Hazelton publication and his permission to use what ever was needed to make possible my ongoing sponsorship workshop and Step study and this website.