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What is the difference between a temporary sponsor and a primary sponsor? Do I have to go meetings for the rest of my life?

The primary purpose of a sponsor is to help you digest the Steps so that we get a sweeter bite of life.

Working the Steps is the key to your sponsee’s door of recovery and the thanksgiving table laden within the promises

They are all but suggestions, but these here are some of the best

Don’t use and forget the booze, seek out a meeting at any time, in a pinch there even some on line. The Big Book always has something new to say work the Steps to insure a firm footing. Pray away the day in gratitude and less I forget you sponsor is a phone call away. Have you helped someone along the way?  In life and as well as in recovery all we have is today.

What is the difference between a temporary sponsor and a primary sponsor?

All sponsorship is temporary, it is either temporary for a day or for a lifetime or anywhere in between.

The mindset of a newcomer is fragile and the sense of a permanent committed relationship can be daunting. Temporary, (flexible and fleeting) and has the feel of impermanence and has the promise of an easy get away.

Just turn me loose,

let me straddle my old saddle

underneath the western skies.

But don’t fence me in

I explain to the newcomer that a temporary sponsor can give them their captain midnight decoder ring and show them all the secret handshakes. They can help them get through this maze of early recovery. Where to find meetings, get phone numbers and participate in program events. Introduce them around so they can feel more like being a part of instead of apart from. The temporary sponsor can explain the jargon and most importantly get them started working the Twelve Steps. If at such time the sponsorship relationship is not working, or the temporary sponsor did not sign up for the long haul they can assist in the transition to finding another temporary sponsor The sponsee and the sponsor are free to suggest a change and give the reasons why in order to help both reexamine the relationship so that they both might learn from the experience.

Do I have to go meetings for the rest of my life?

When my sponsee’s lament is this a life sentence, days without number or years without end? Is there no parole from living is there no pardon from fears?

There are two times when you should go to a meeting ,when you feel like it, and when you don’t feel like it .The program is worked one day at a time to project the rest of your life is hopefully a very long time and any future event is naturally  fraught with fear and misgivings. When I first came into the rooms the thought of never drinking or using again was overwhelming. When I was able to break it down to an hour and then to a day it became manageable. So it is with meetings, I go when I want, I go when I need, and when I return home I am always more than pleased.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ~ Mark Twain

Graduation day has been postponed for  the timing is not for us to know and  our sobriety is just on loan with no destination marked by the journey and another bend in a long and winding road.

Experience has shown those who regularly attend meetings have a better chance of staying sober and continuing recovery. Let’s see going to meetings and working the Steps, or a return to active addiction is potentially death, let’s do the math.

A personal opinion in the form of a suggestion that I give to my sponsee’s, Psyche and Soma mind and body, if you go to the gym to stay toned , three days a week is  suggested and  for your recovery the minimal same three times a week to stay in  a fit  spiritual condition. There is a bonus: to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends–this is an experience not to be missed. …