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Hi  my friends in fellowship

With that a bit of a gift I wanted to give you a heads up on a sponsorship website Big Book, Twelve and Twelve, and As Bill sees it  done with a whit of wit, humor and a slight twist, if you find value pass it on, take what you need and leave the rest the credit for this work goes to God and the fellowship there is no money being made and we adhere to the eleventh Tradition   (From the website)


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe; I need a sponsor for I am ready to go. Manny, Moe or Jack? I guess Moe, I’ve had too Manny, and I don’t know Jack

How to find a sponsee

I can go to skid row that I already know, and like Bob and Bill there is always the hospital. Now I hear tell they come under their own steam, washed but not clean, and desperate for simple instruction. Next time this golden opportunity walks through the  doors I will elbow and shove and help them find their seat so that I can continue to grow and make my own  recovery  complete.

what a sponsor does and doesn’t do, A.A. history, emotional addiction, The Steps, etc

Sponsorship a look back to the future

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