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There was an atheist who loved to fish…

The atheist say’s there is no God and lives like there is one,  the agnostic say’s there may be a God and lives like there isn’t

There was an atheist who loved to fish…

There was an atheist who loved to fish. He would travel the world to fish in exotic places. One late afternoon, while fishing, the Loch Ness monster emerged from the depths and threatened to destroy him.

The atheist yells to the heaven’s and pleads for help. The heavens open up and a voice is heard saying I thought you didn’t believe in me? The now believer calls back and says, Lord give me a break, two minutes ago I didn’t believe in the Loch Ness monster either.”

Some of us had the belief in God that we had developed as children and never changed. Still others mouthed the words not giving much thought to whether we believed them or not.

Some had no concept of God at all. For all intents and purposes, they were the God of their own understanding, if they could only manage well. Step three asks us to examine at the deepest and at the most profound level what our concept of God or no God really was. Be open and when you pray to your higher power you can always address it “to whom it may concern and wondrous things will come to pass.

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