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The Cast Of Outer Darkness

Banned, Banished and Proclaimed Persona Non Grata.

It was Late fall in Houston the time that ushers in the dry crisp and cool air The melatonin overdose frm the turkey bird feast was still at leftover mode. I had been warned from the governing board that the prolific dispensing of the recovery cards and the self-proclaiming Stepologist title would not be tolerated.

I inquired of the chairman of the board as to what infraction I had violated? Solicitation was his response, the world’s oldest profession I quipped; surely not, as my response was an immediate epithet. I protest there is no exchange for flesh as I freely give what was once freely given to me. The threat perceived as an idea that has not yet met the test of time. I decry that the group conscious concluded that there was no infraction of the Traditions and in the rooms I have free range without cause or conditions.

The governing body and the chairman no less said no more and nowhere and no how, as friends of Bill W Inc. we get to run the show, you seem to be having problems with the complete sentence of no. Again I chimed, is it contempt prior to investigation? I inquired, was it Principles before personalities, or just a lack of open mindedness and the onset of advanced rigidity of arthritic complacency? I have to do what I have to do I said with my thread bare gauntlet hitting the floor done with more bravado than good sense. The response was in like and in kind, there was no illusion of control, for they are in control, do what you are told or suffer the consequence. In their defense it did cause a modicum of disruption from the uninformed contempt and squeaky wheels of envy and dissention.

The fateful phone call disguised as private and unknown came at night the time when the blind feel right at home. Once identified the chairman of the board proclaimed you have been banned, banished and proclaimed persona non grata. I explained that I was engaged in a good work and has helped many and will continue to help many directly and indirectly. When the blind become deaf, patronizing a dead horse is all that’s left. The dispensing of business cards was at best inert. The chairman was polite and let me speak my piece and was moved slightly about the width of a hair and suggested another venue to ply my wares.

Upon inquiry he condescended to a possible appeal in six months to gain re admittance. I took decisive action, I did nothing but I did it with enthusiasm and aplomb.  Having no choice I continue my work to be of maximum service to God and my fellows is my only perk. I am at a new home group trying to live in the solution and in acceptance while working to uncover what was my part in this intervention of rejection.

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