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Renegades from recovery

Renegades from recovery


Someone who rebels and becomes an outlaw
Deserter, turncoat, recreant, apostate, and a ratter

The soap box is the domain of the passionate zealot who is wholly convinced of his half baked and often times wholy insane crusade. There was once a time when they bought into the line right down to the sinker. Some skirted the fringes of the camp fire and basked in the contempt of the flickering dark shadows.

Contempt is the bitter bread of an unresolved moldy disappointment, and the rancid butter to soothe the burn of a festering scorn.

A slippery soapy peddle that raises the ire to the standing of a meddle

The internet is the ultimate soap box in inner space. I have come across beauty, the sublime and freaks that would have put P.T. Barnum to shame. This inner world stage provides a platform to engage in the free exchange of ideas, thoughts that would have been lost or at the very least obscured now have the power to be heard by the herd. Ideas to be pondered considered and debated to insure the greater good. To inform, inspire, and empowering the need to be understood for good. The power of the collective will to topple despots, and evil regimes.

This platform of global communication also has the power to heal as well as the power to corrupt for one can’t live without the other.

It also has the ability to influence and to encourage the individual to come clean, sane and productive through and by proven Twelve Step recovery principles. Alas, I would speak to you of the clash, the phenomenon known as the bash from the A.A. apostate. There are some that would have you believe that are astride the higher horse and carry the lance of self-righteous indignation. who but only climbed upon the back of fester’s ass, saddled with the stirrups of disdain, And in their hands the loaded crop of misery for it’s there only company while banging against the beast insisting on their own wrong way. The you-tube phenomenon has brought this pestilent gnat to gargantuan proportions. Videos of the home made variety decrying the ineffectiveness of the Twelve Steps process wrought with the certitude that only the truly unrepentant ignorant can employ. A tag team of clowns most articulate that verge on the profound I believe hail from the region known as the bi polar express. The fellow of stature is the keystone of the act while the second banana is the entry level at a bank. This farcical duo has found recovery so repugnant that no resource has been spared to lambast ridicule, and decry the spiritual process that saves lives. To what end? In order to gain fame and fortune, philanthropy, omnipotence to save souls from the ravages of sobriety, and from the recovery from a hopeless state of mind and body? Nothing Personal, for we are many, and attack anything that is spiritual moral or of good report. Darkness casts the blackest hole, as misery Demands Company. It is The Dragon that grows bold in the warfare for men’s souls.

“Each place has its own advantages – heaven for the climate, and hell for the society.” Mark Twain 


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