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From the fog that is gray to the cloud that is pink

From the fog that is gray to the cloud that is pink

Piink elephants swirling all around like spun cotton candy until you hit the ground. The Pink cloud descends and knocks you off your feet, buoyed in a cocoon of complacency, inactivity and deceit.

I fell off my pink cloud with a thud    Elizabeth Taylor

I came into the rooms of recovery, hopeless, hapless and friendless, more dead than alive. I cried, and was consoled that there was a solution to the worst I had ever known. As an outcast of unique circumstance, I was told I wasn’t alone. I was invited in with moles, warts, carbuncles, and all, and I felt welcomed, accepted, and right at home. The meetings became my life line, my salvation, and my relief. I spilled my guts my pain seemed to dissipate in a sea of empathy and understanding.  The laughter at first seemed alien an absurd my misery would have none of it. And at some such meeting I caught a laugh, it had been such a long, long time since I smiled that I thought my sides would split in half.

An attitude of gratitude is a prayer unto God

The common themes in the meetings were gratitude and thanksgiving no matter what the topic spin. Every meeting starts with, a moment of silence followed by the serenity prayer then the preamble of how it works, and that God was in charge of the lost and the found, followed hard upon by the topic and then commenced by the sincerest, humblest, outrageous, humorous spiritual and at times grandiose personal shares. At the close we celebrate milestones in lengths of sobriety, and we close with a communal benediction in the form of a prayer.

The pink cloud is descending and with it an overwhelming sense of security, hope and wellbeing, an easier softer way has been found. All the direct and indirect consequences and pain of drinking and drugging start at once to disperse as we continue to talk it out.


Take the cotton out of your ears, put it in your mouth, sit down and shut up The old timers accolade

Learning to drive sober as the judge has granted vehicular mercy, the return of the prodigal son or daughter to the family, the edgy divorce put on pause, your employer reassured that you have come to your senses.  I even started working the Twelve Steps with a sponsor as suggested, they are admitted to be simple but not easy, not easy means it is hard work. The A.A. two Step quickly ensues Step one, Step two ,Step three ,well I am not willing to turn over my recovery life, so it back to Step two. My sponsor asks when you are going to work Step Four I am going to the meetings, lots of meetings, and I am staying sober, is that not enough?

The Big Book says We feel a man is unthinking when he says that sobriety is enough, Page 82 paragraphs 3.

Time takes time and I stayed quite dry but at the very least not high. My sponsor would then and again suggest until I worked the Steps the promises would not come true in my life. I experience many of life’s tragedies including the loss of children from this disease, and when life on life’s terms put me into enough pain once again I finally did the work that is simple but not easy and it has made all the difference.

My understanding is that you approach the newcomer when they pick up their desire chip and ask if they have had enough, are they willing to go to any lengths to achieve sobriety and with the two affirmatives I explain that they can get well from this disease of mind body and spirit but there are certain things that they have to do, and the first thing they need to do is to answerer  Clancy’s 7 questions, and I tell them that I need them back tomorrow ,and that I expect their call, simple instruction that puts the newcomer and you into action

You’re not in Kansas any more Dorothy

I suggest to my new sponsees not sharing (while the memory of their pain is still vivid and motivational) until they have worked Step Five, since our goal is to work all the Steps in 30 to 45 days. If they need to talk to there pain then they can speak it to me, their sponsor, or to another individual which in turn will help keep them sober. This puts the pink cloud where it belongs right next to the pie in the sky and just below the yellow gold brick road…

The greatest story never told

After Step Five they are now in a position to become a temporary sponsor and so can now begin to share their experience, strength and hope.  I also suggest that only Step One address the problem and the other 11 Steps address the solution to keep that in mind when they share, we live in the solution and not in the problemThe promises continue to come true in my life and I have found a direction and opportunity to be of maximum service to God and my fellows.


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