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Ad Justin to the Just

I am not perfect, or any where’s near to being perfect, in anyway. Nor do I claim to be.  I have made many mistakes in this thing we call life.  One thing that I have truly learned is some truths about me and everyday I learn more and more about me.  Some truths I consider good and some truths I consider bad, but being aware of these truths allows me to make a choice to work towards something that will be a benefit to myself and to be a benefit to others, or to hurt myself and to hurt others.

Welcome to life’s smorgasbord, the sweet lie or the bitter truth, once on the lips forever in its grips Gzepe

With that said I have come to a new truth that most people in my life have lied to me, at times to protect me, and at times to hurt me.  People I have considered family, people that are family, people I consider a best friend, people I consider good friends, and just about everything and everybody in between.  Now make no mistake or get me wrong, at some point in time I have lied to all of them as well, at times to hurt them and others at times to protect them.  I can admit these things, I am aware of these things, and now I can work on them on a daily basis to be the best I can be, One day at a time.

Some days I fall short, other days I excel.  Awareness is the key.   It’s funny, almost ironic, how people lie so judiciously.  The “honest man or woman” talks about how they despise liars when in fact they are liars themselves.  The person that hates gossip and drama is the walking, talking definition of the words they themselves despise.  The person who hates to be judged is but the first to cast the first stone.  The person, who points out all the faults of others and how they should work on their issues and shortcomings, but never really has the courage to do the same in their own lives, or better yet, doesn’t even see that the issues and shortcomings they are so quick to point out are really their own truths.  The list could go on and on. I myself have been all of those persons at one time or another in my life. I believe that the common driving force behind all these behaviors boil down to one basic human emotion,  fear.

The Only thing that travels faster than bad news is good gossip Gzepe

Before we speak or act the questions to ask are Is it true?  Is it necessary? and is it kind?

It’s time to ask ourselves one question before we speak or act, or choose not to speak or act.  Is this based on truth or fear?  Truth with compassion is real love.  If we want real love from others than we have to stop the illusions based on fear, get to our own truths first, accept them, decide what I really want to be and move towards a greater level of understanding and compassion.  It’s a very simple formula, but it takes much courage to begin this journey.  It starts with personal awareness and ends with it, but has a lot of layers in between.  Another way of looking at this note of my thoughts is this.  When are people going to stop getting into everyone else’s crap, judging them without knowing the truth, blaming everyone else for their problems, sitting in self-pity, and stop being a hypocrite and own up to their own bull crap?  The people who are upset about what I wrote, yeah, you just might be one of those people.

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