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You Don’t Say

The housekeeping chore of introductions and the customary invocation (inviting the spirit) in the form of the serenity prayer created a harmony of expectation as the topic was laid out with thoughtful consideration and with the utmost care. The floor was now open to whoever would like to address the topic at hand, and of course this being an open meeting if you have something else on your mind, and need to express it , now is the time  to vent what’s been laying heavy on your head. The Lighted candle of encouragement flickered as it was met with eyes averted and downward glances in the silent din where recent chatter had previously been. The chair felt the self-imposed duty to get the ball if not the conversation on a roll and would volunteer a regular member, a crony and a friend he once knew a short time ago, a town crier with similar views to what direction the world should screw. What was said was flat and thin as a reed in the wind with nothing new to say just words to be heard as no one bothered to listen anyway. An unrecognized dirty face new to the crowd started to lay some thinking thoughts down, they were simple and yet profound, he commenced with when you share (your E.S.H) in a meeting that you are participating in your own recovery. That sometimes the most important things you will hear will fall gingerly from your own lips reinforcing by agreement the correct intent of a follow through of pending action that was born in the promise of what was just said.

Failure to live up to one’s own words would breed the contempt of a personal and shameful grandiose hypocrisy, while confirming still the clown pandering to the acclaim of the fickle crowd

To know it, and not to do it, is not to know it

If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.  John Maxwell

Original thought is not the domain of the average Joe, nor does it need to be, all that is needed is sincerity of experience as you can’t ruin a good A.A. story by telling the truth.

The number one fear is speaking in public, a bit curious at first blush as it is greater than the death of the body, the death of a child, a divorce the loss of a home or the loss of a job, until you realize that ridicule is death to the ego, and the ego will sacrifice the body on the altar of pride in a vain attempt to stay alive, the preacher said vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

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