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It might not have been fishes and loaves, as it was more like donuts and Joe

Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless, who strove and worried and waited to the very last instant before snatching the last remaining pork chop

A donut sale at the local fast and grab, a glazed over feast a bakers dozen for 2.99. I was trying to refrain from the sugar curse urge and snatched up the sweet deal as it suddenly occurred to delivery them to my home group and enjoy these delicacies vicariously. The sugar melted just a touch from the south Texas early spring setting sun. I opened the box flap next to the coffee bar table. I settled in for some home spun recovery, wisdom, laughter and the occasional buffoon. I would occasionally cast a glance up from my seat in the direction of the sugared treats, and to my utter amazement there were more pieces of pastries than there were from before. The plastic knife was the culprit; lo folks were cutting them in half or even in thirds, taking what they needed and leaving the rest. Even the prized cream filled éclair was hewned in twain. I must have entered another dimension, not a dimension of opportunity and greed, but a dimension of consideration and selflessness. This did not compute, to be in a room full of  self-seeking, selfishness and self-centeredness is not the exception but the rule. Sometimes God talks to us not always  in a raging storm with a lightning bolts of scorn, but gently with a still small sweet treat, one at  peace, and one day at a time.

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