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  1. Carrie

    I’m a recovering pill addict & I live in Desoto County my sobriety date is 10-29-10! I want to give back to the ppl that feel hopeless or feel there is no other way but I’m living proof their is I’ve lived it almost died & gave up several times the problem is I only have AA to go to unless I go to Memphis a very unsafe place to b! I want to b a speaker or drug & alcohol Councelor or even start my own NA place but I don’t even know where to start! God got me through this I know bc I put all my Faith & all my problems in his loving Hands! Everyday gets better at 1st ur going to hate it but today I’m clean & never thought I’d see the light of the dark tunnel I was in but Sober I feel like me I’m happy things r never going to b perfect but it takes u really butting ur all ur faith ur issues all n Gods hands & most if the time he may not do what u want but I promise he’s blessing u to bigger better plans! God is our healer & he forgives us all but u have to believe in him & thank him everyday! One day at a time! It’s so worth it if someone says u can’t that’s when u say watch me! That’s a little piece of my testimony it gets so much deeper than this! May God bless u & praying for u all especially the addict still suffering bc they think there is no other way! Just plz try take that 1st step! Road to Recovery!! God $ I love u;)

  2. Kelley brown

    I’ve been sober for 20yrs 5/26/93 life has never been the same .witha world of old ideas living in my head its taken the program and very patient God to turn my mountains into reality still working on it. Life time comient

  3. fold

    But a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design .

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