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Is it Okay to change sponsors


So we change sponsors
Time to change sponsors
You can change sponsors






Yes, it is. You can change sponsors whenever you want. All sponsorship is temporary, either for a day or for a lifetime or anywhere in between. However it might be wise to consider your reasons for wanting to change. Examine your motives; are you trying to avoid facing something you don’t want to face? Ask yourself is this yet another attempt to avoid doing the hard work of recovery? Are you still trying to find an easier softer way? Take a sheet of paper and list your reasons for wanting to change sponsors on one side of the page. List your reasons for not changing sponsors on the other side. Weigh the reasons for and against then make your decision, yea, or nay then pray to God. If the answer was correct, you will have clarity of thought and a good feeling. If your answer was wrong, you will have stupor of thought and an uneasy feeling. Then follow your intuition. You will intuitively know how to handle the situation.

Give serious thought to not changing sponsors if you are leaving your sponsor because your sponsor is pressing you on an issue that you don’t want to face, or because you sponsor knows you too well.

I have the same sponsor for 300 yrs , have you learned anything new?  Do you think a fresh coat of paint might be in order? Would giving someone the opportunity to be of  maximum service be a learning and a growth opportunity of  experience for both the giver and the receiver,  or has a lapse into restus lauelitis taken root?  with the  blossom of complacency and the rot of inactivity be so far behind.