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Gobble, Gobble, Traditions Labor as Gratitude Bubbles

Thanksgiving  Is Coming. And With It, Traditions Week, And I Never Felt

Happier. William G. Wilson

Our traditions are set down on paper. But they were written first in our hearts. For each of us knows, instinctively I think, that AA is not ours to do with as we please. We are but caretakers to preserve the spiritual quality of our fellowship; keep it whole for those who will come after us and have need of what has so generously been given to us…Bill W.

Bill had corralled Dr. Bob this past July anno domini 1950 and Traditions were signed and then agreed to by the 7000 at the Cleveland A.A. convention.  The Traditions was Bill’s baby lock stock and teething ring. Bills concern was that the alcoholic self-centered in the extreme would tear out the heart of our simple program in no uncertain language. The anarchist and self-propelled promoter all vying for the cut bird seat would untimely rend this fledging movement asunder Bill would not always be there to Sheppard his flock of sober  horse thieves and in my personal experience the most potent word uttered to the aged is “legacy” a spot light on the ego through the eternities, maybe the generations, OK a topic of discussion or even a rumor of gossip at Katz’s deli

Nothing is so common than the wish to be remarkable William Shakespeare

Fame found St Patrick soon after he died,

The longer it takes the greater the fame.

My children when coming of age used to remark how frugal I was, they quipped.” You know Dad you can’t take it with you” To which I responded I don’t know about that the Pharaohs gave it one hell of a good try.

Bill was on a mission and he was the most determined and dogged that A.A. would someday cover the globe bringing a new age of spiritual enlightenment. The Traditions would insure his dream would long endure after his unscheduled and untimely worldly departure.

When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. W. Clement Stone

Make your life a mission – not an intermission

Once upon the time the gratitude week for the A.A. Twelve Traditions was anticipated, welcomed, and celebrated with gratitude and meditation meetings directed on and towards the Traditions. In remembrance of God’s gifts to the less likely of men, as an inspiration to hold us together so that we may stay sober and perform his work well

Yes, we’ve had need of money and we’ve had to provide services. But we’ve resolved never to allow either money or the management of our necessary affairs to obscure our spiritual aims. The same loving God whose Divine Wisdom has shown us that one desperate and shaky drunk, fumbling for a nickel to call for help, looms larger than any ‘organization’ we shall ever have, or need!  Bill W.

What’s a cell phone? You know when they allow you make your one phone call from jail

An attitude of gratitude is a prayer unto God.

When much is given much is expected, let’s dust her off and bring her back, “Thanksgiving Traditions week” Now you know, get into action and open your mouth.

See you on the radio