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The adventures of Billy pilgrim at the Mayflower

Bill landed a temporary assignment with his former employer to engage in a proxy battle in Akron Ohio. They were encouraged by his recent bout of sobriety.  When he came out to Akron, which (perhaps for the good of all of us) turned out to be quite a flop, he was tempted to drink. He paced up and down the lobby of the Mayflower Hotel, wondering whether he had better buy two fifths of gin and be king for a night, as he expressed it, or whether he had better not. His teachings led him to believe that he possibly might avoid difficulties if he found another alcoholic on whom to work. .

The liquid lounge with its promise of ease and comfort was staring him in the face.Being away from home bored irritable and discontent he approached the hotel desk clerk and inquired if there was anything to do here in Akron? The clerk responded that he would suggest the tire factory tour, but they were out on strike, he continued there is a movie house a few blocks away.

Bill poured himself into the liquid lounge, saddled up to the bar, the bars keep asked what’s your pleasure? Surely with a sly grin from the inside joke that only he would know, Bill pulled out two dollars and politely asked for a roll of nickels if you please.


Bill had spotted a sandwich board out in the lobby with a list of all the local churches and their phone numbers. It was the time before dimes and the pay phone swallowed the Indian head nickels just as fast as he could dial. Bill was not having much luck  when  Bill called Dr. Rev. Samuel Moor Shoemaker, III was the rector of Calvary Episcopal Church in New York City, which was the United States headquarters of the Oxford Group, Dr. Shoemaker refereed Bill Wilson to Reverend Walter Tunks a fellow Episcopalian, who was also connected to the Oxford Group in Akron Dr.Tunks gave Bill W ten names. Bill called all ten names without getting a single name of any fellow drunk, but one man Norman Sheppard directed him to Mrs. Henrietta Seiberling of Akron.

Bill was reluctant to make the call as he had met Frank Seiberling during the halcyon years on Wall street,(Known as the “Little Napoleon” of the rubber industry) with a gulp  that comes  from swallowing one’s pride  and with the fortieth  nickel, the last Indian and  now on a role,  it produced that fateful meeting with Robert Smith at the gate house that was  Henrietta’s Seiberling  domicile  of residence and home.

  Bill Wilson was introduced to Dr. Robert Smith who was not able to get and stay sober for any length of time despite his best efforts. Robert Smith told Bill that he would (reluctantly) give him 15 minutes. Robert told him that he had taken the cure, been to therapy had been prayed over, that he had been sliced and diced more than a Christmas turkey. What possibly could he tell him in fifteen minutes that would keep him sober?

Bill Wilson’s reply I am not here to keep you sober, I am here to keep me sober, They ended up speaking for six hours: that was the first meeting of Doctor Bob and Bill Wilson. Doctor Bob went out one more time and then never drank again. Three days after his last drink Dr. Bob accompanied Bill W. to Towns hospital to sponsor  Bill Duff. A.A.’s number three.

When two or three gather together having no other affiliation can call themselves an A.A group

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  . King James Bible


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