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Suicide is also considered a slip

Suicide is also considered a slip

A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip in recovery is to  fall out of  fault , slide out of place and have no ability to show some restraint

A slip, a momentary loss of balance quickly recovered

As part and parcel of the promotional strategy I personally hand out business cards that direct one to the website. I have been so engaged for about 12 months. I have dispensed them out at the A.A International in San Antonio, at conferences both local and out of state, in home town meetings as well as meetings that are out of town. I have learned through trial and error that the most efficient method is to give them out as the fellowship funnel through the doors.  Can I give you something I would inquire what is it?  is the common response, a Big Book sponsorship website on  How to find a sponsor, How to find a sponsee, what a sponsor does and doesn’t do, if you find value pass it on and if you don’t find any value then you can burn the card.

The card itself is engaging with a picture of a south sea lagoon (sobriety beach) the phrases as the road does narrows  but the view does broadens with  an ascending stair case, and the tongue in cheek title of  Stepologist.  In the right hand bottom corner the phrase sponsorship a look back to the future  is also identified in the display. I put myself out when I engage in this activity and sometimes a girded loin is a rare cut of meat .Thankfully it always seems that the first few folks  through the door are seemingly gracious and thankful for the effort as well as for the timely and helpful information. With even the slightest bit of encouragement it’s like a barn burner to a retired fire horse .and once again I find myself off to the races. Often times a repeated attempt is met with a scoff, something to the effect you have given me your card before. Have you looked at the site I would inquire and more times than not, 9 out of 10 or so it seems it is a  I have not  had the time or some such like , all in all not a very efficient use of resources, energy, and time.

One such time in my home group I attempted to pass out a card to a fellow, perhaps not a stranger but someone that I had never met. He said you had given me a card about Six months ago and I have since  I had made my sponsor in Dallas aware of the site, he loves it and has passed it on all over the big D. That’s great, I am glad it is a help I said. He introduced himself as Andrew and said. do you know the part on the website that asks the question what if my sponsee is suicidal?  I do, and repeated from the website that suicide was the sincerest form of self criticism , it was also a permanent solution to a temporary problem and it was also considered a slip, he said when I read that, that it was also considered a slip, that’s when I decided right then and there not to commit suicide.
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