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The problem with end of the world is you never can find one, when you need one

The problem with end of the world is you never can find one, when you need one It’s just my luck or lack thereof when things have been going from bad to curse and suicide sounds like an appealing vacation destination. You just can find the end of the world when you need one to […]

The adventures of Billy pilgrim at the Mayflower

Bill landed a temporary assignment with his former employer to engage in a proxy battle in Akron Ohio. They were encouraged by his recent bout of sobriety.  When he came out to Akron, which (perhaps for the good of all of us) turned out to be quite a flop, he was tempted to drink. He […]

A.A. Sponsor, Oedipus, Sponsorus, Therapist

The later the call, the more ominous and less familiar is the pleading ringtone. Hello is this Joe? Yes it is, and I go by Joseph. This is Jeff the voice on the other end continued you don’t know me, as we have never met; I hope it was not too late to call? I’m […]

Suicide is also considered a slip

Suicide is also considered a slip A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip in recovery is to  fall out of  fault , slide out of place and have no ability to show some restraint A slip, a momentary loss of balance quickly recovered As part and parcel of the […]

From the fog that is gray to the cloud that is pink

Pink elephants swirling all around like spun cotton candy until you hit the ground. The Pink cloud descends and knocks you off your feet, buoyed in a cocoon of complacency, inactivity and deceit. I fell off my pink cloud with a thud   Elizabeth Taylor I came into the rooms of recovery, hopeless, hapless and […]

How soon can I sponsor somebody?

And thirdly … the code is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules. Jack Sparrow A stone not set nor concrete fixed, the suggestion is the sooner the batter will rise when you get into the mix There are no rules about when you can sponsor somebody, and there would be exceptions if there […]

The student will appear when the teacher is ready…

The student will appear when the teacher is ready…

T”was the day before the closing prayer at the Crested Butte mountain conference…

The last early meeting out on the deck commenced hot on the heels of Friday mornings final meditation. The subject was “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” I was running late and slipped in about halfway through.

How to find a sponsor

how to find a sponsor Eeny, meeny, miny, moe; I need a sponsor for I am ready to go. Manny, Moe or Jack? I guess Moe, I’ve had too Manny, and I don’t know Jack. Choosing a sponsor is something like choosing a friend. Sometimes it just happens, and sometimes it’s just planned. There is […]