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The Fickle Finger of Fate





Happiness is way over rated as it is dependent on the immediate external circumstance. I.E. I am happy because I just won the lottery, I am happy because she said yes,  I am happy because I just had purchased a new car, and just as quickly I am unhappy because I was robbed, she said no (mixed messages), the car turned out to be a lemon. While Joy is a state of being, knowing all things work for my good as long as I seek God’s will for me and ask only for the power to carry it out.

For no matter how good or bad things get in the present moment they will change as quickly as the turning of a dime for the winding road is nothing more than learning curves, and with a strong hand and an outstretched arm he will make the path straight once more and yet again to all those who love him and seek his will, just as it always has been, even a billion years before the oceans rolled.

And knowing this we can now be content to fill the measure of our creation and find joy therein, and not be dependent on the rise or fall of fates fickle tides, and life’s ever changing landscape of pride…

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    LOVE THIS! awesome!!!

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